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Working with you as a part of your team, offering fresh and inspiring ideas which can progress and develop your marketing strategies to support & grow your business


Christine Fiddes

                                     Founder & Managing Director                          35 years Business Sales & Management
I formed ACT Telemarketing services to facilitate the bringing together and meeting of professionals with decision makers and influencers of such businesses in order to introduce their services and explore new opportunities
 My expertise is in Financial, Banking and  Training Solutions. I have partnered with many leading brands to deliver successful marketing projects, using omnichannel solutions to provide companies with successful introductions"


ACT Business Services

Face to face meetings are still crucial to business success. This is the most effective way to build trust, engage in focused conversation, and drive productive collaboration, all critical to successful partnerships and business success. We offer a collective wealth of experience and advise to those colleagues and clients who we feel will benefit by way of introductions and appointments with interested decision makers. A service to businesses which will add value to their environment, their development and ultimately ROI.
ACT Telemarketing, work from offices based in The North East (Sunderland & Gateshead) Our clients operate in UK & World Wide.
We are Consultants with fresh and inspiring ideas which can progress and develop your marketing strategies to support & grow your businesses. We undertake internal research & training in order to represent your business in an informed, professional manner to work with you as a part of your team.

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